Pete Estey(Guitar, Vocals)

Peter grew up listening to his dad's collection of diddies recorded by such bands as: The Kingston Trio and Johnny Horton....Thankfully...His influences grew as time went on.   Pete also has a background in musical theatre and a family history of music.

Pete started playing guitar at 28. Eventually, forming a band in 1998 with Bobby Urbant...a.k.a Toucan Bob.. called "Badd Association." They played until Bob's wedding in October of 1999. Floyd's Aftermath shortly followed after meeting Laura Lynn McWilliams at Toucan Bob's engagement party. The band was blessed with Snowqueen Tonya "Barefoot Bass" Eicholtz(now Leonard), and the trio began to put together and practice a playlist of mostly originals. Practice went on in Laura's basement for 5 months, but, sadly, after some differences and a bit of guitar tossing(should be an olympic sport...) the band broke up, but reassembled 4 months later for a one time performance on the "Videos" section of this site.  

A week after the above mentioned performance, Pete moved to Los Angeles, and now currently resides near Clearwater, Florida.

For a list of the songs, lyrics, some chordpro, and randomly a MP3 or so written by Pete Estey click here.

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Pete plays a Fender Strat, a Fender Jazz Bass, an Epiphone Acoustic, a Martin D-16, Alvarez Acoustic, a bit of Drums.....and an Alto Recorder(yep)  





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