Floyd's Aftermath was put together in the fall of 1999, playing alt/pop originals as well as a variety of covers.  The group broke up at the end of March, and did not play again until September 2000. September 2nd was the first..and ummm...the last public performance for the group.  

The founding Floyd's Aftermath are/were: Laura McWilliams (Vocals, Guitar), Tonya "Snow Queen" Eicholtz (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), and Pete Estey (Vocals, Guitar).  Mary Jean was unofficial head roadie.  See Bios. for more details on each member.

Also playing with them at the final show: Greg Dussia (Bass), Kenji (Percussion), Mike (Bass, Background vocals).

Peter moved to california, and currently resides in Florida. Tonya, laura, mary Jean, and justin Leonard teamed up for a while with Aren Finch to form the group "kryptyk." Laura now resides in Austin, TX. There are no current plans to put the original group back together.  :-(

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